Building Compact Bathrooms into Spacious Ones

Renovating RoomToday, we spend quite a handful amount of time in bathrooms, not because it is a place to bath and relieve, but now, bathrooms have been turned into our changing room, makeup room and a room fit to pamper and prim ourselves. I know there is something very striking about a bathroom full of beauty and hair products, that we can’t contain ourselves from jumping in and taking a long, rejuvenating bath, but what if your bath is creepy and a jumble? Have you considered giving it a makeover? If no, then keep eyeballing the tips I have mentioned below to create a capacious bathroom.


Air and Sun

You should not hide your windows with heavy curtains. Keep all windows bare as the natural sunlight coming in will warm your bath in cold weather and the natural light will spread glow to illuminate your washroom, giving the false impression of roominess, plus the air circulation will shun the bathroom from getting damp, smelly and stale.


The Basic Structure

If you are going to give your walls a fresh paint then please, use a light color palette as pastel shades devise a sizeable space. Make as much use of glass as you can because glass is thin, stylish and gives the impression of a generous restroom. A more intelligent decision would be to use tiles on walls than a coat of paint, especially the ones that are large, as this will shape your bathroom to give the impression of a substantial region. Don’t use wooden doors; venture for sliding glass doors for a minimalistic take on the bathroom.

Initiate time in forming a non-slippery, porous and clean floor. Don’t even think about wood or marble. In its place, opt for large tiles as they will really have a big involvement in making your lavatory look a lavish one.


Sanitary Fittings

Now comes the worthy sink, shower, bathtub and toilet. Invest in good sanitary that is lightweight, narrow, compact and can easily be fitted into corners, because if you will not make the best of the washroom corners, there are very less chances of creating a large bathroom. The look of the sanitary should be nominal, rounded and less bulky. Use sanitary products with fewer inches, petite designs and an elegant exterior, plus leave all the installing in the hands of plumbers or fixture installers, as they know their skill better than you.




Lights and Mirrors

Make sure there are lots of built in white lights fixed because the more light, the more commodious your toilet room will appear. Choose white lights rather than yellow ones, as white makes bathroom look sprightly, unique and considerably large. Avoid yellow lights because they simply give the image of a hampered, shadowy place. Put up mirrors in various places as they are great room enlargers and light reflectors.



It is quite problematic to stock products in a small bathroom. Worry not! As walls are your best friends because rather placing storage cabinets or trolleys on the floor, go for some built in cabinets and rails to hang towels or clothes. Spend money on a vanity shelf to store all the hygiene products since it is best to store products in the bathroom rather than somewhere else.


Keep things simple, organized and tidy, for this way your bathroom will look large and easy to walk in and out. Clean your bath as often as you can and spray in some air freshener to discard any nasty whiff. Potted plants and flowers will also keep the place attractive and unpolluted.