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So, your voyages have carried you to Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale International Airport. However, you at all times wish travel will be speedy and trouble-free, occasionally you’ll catch yourself in the airport lengthier than thought, having to cross the rest of the land with slight fortune. We performed certain research and appointed our group of travel professionals to discover the greatest tips for Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale, also recognized as, America’s Kindliest Airport.


Arrivals and Departures

Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale has over 120 aircraft gates extended across three distinct stations. All three contain their own services, like ticketing and check-in places, baggage claims, parking garages, security spot checks, shopping and dining choices.

Professional Tip

If your linking flight is on the similar airline, you wouldn’t have to alter stations. If it’s a dissimilar airline, you might require altering stations, so plot your voyages appropriately. You might have to take your baggage and re-examine it.


There are seven security spot checks at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale. In Station 2, there’s one, though in Station 3 there are two, North and South. Station 4 contains security checks named A, B, C, and D.

Professional Tip

Sky Harbor inclines to be one of the most full of activity airports in the country, so make certain you provide yourself ample of time to pass through security.


Journeying can make you hungry, but fortunate for you, there’s no lack of area to get your tummy fulfilled. Grasp a wedge in Station 2, or if you’re in the disposition for something a tad better, you can go to Station 3 or 4. If you’re searching for beverages of the mature variety, there are certain choices for drinking in Station 2, but if you have the while, certainly go to the other two Terminals.

Other Attractions

If you want to charge up your laptop and head to work, you’re in good luck because Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale is armed with free Wi-Fi through all terminals. Though, if you’d somewhat relax before your flight and indulge in something more laid-back, there’s ample to keep you amused.

  1. Station 2 and 3 are family to revolving museum expositions.
  2. You’ll have to go to Station 3 or 4 for a broader range of shops, but Station 2 does contain some book and gift stores.
  3. One of the niftiest factors that Phoenix Sky Harbor has to provide is the Sky Harbor Fitness Trail situated in Station 4.
  4. Besides, your trek, you’ll be capable to observe sight of Phoenix the length of the way, comprising Sandstone Foothills at Papago Park, Camelback Mountain, the Downtown Phoenix Skyline, and the Piestewa Peak.
  5. Station 4 is too the station with the maximum number of shops, so certainly schedule on taking your route over here if you have a lengthy stopover.

Professional Tip

There are free electric charging terminals present both pre and post-security, so worry not if your gadgets are dropping battery, there are ample of areas to recharge.


When you land at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Scottsdale, there are numerous choices for transportation, relying on where you’re heading. If you want to head to the Valley Metro Rail, which assists Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and you can basically step on the PHX Sky Train for free or you can snag a taxi from all three stations. If you need private airport ground transportation a really good one from Scottsdale like these guys at Luxe Limos AZ are really reasonable.

This is How To Build

After reading all of the above it is clear that the people who designed and built this airport new what they were doing. It is a real oasis in the desert.